Pre-order open

Hello, dear friends!
 I am glad to announce that I am opening pre-order for dolls.
 Dolls are cast in the  Andrey Korchagin studio .

 The doll has an athletic body, height 41,5 cm
 Eyes are removable 7,8mm-8mm.
 You can choose from 8 types of faces.

 Face panels are magnetically attached, making them easy to change.

 Magnetic hands and feet allows you to quickly change hands and feet, as well as   more convenient to wear clothes.

 For fulset dolls, quality TOKA shoes will be used.
 Other requests will be considered individually.

Casting of the dolls will begin in November.

Terms and conditions of the order.

The waiting time of the doll will be 3-5 months from the date of casting.

As soon as the first part of the payment arrives, I confirm and assign you a number on the waiting list.

 In case of refusal to purchase a non-refundable fee in the amount of 150 USD


Payment options:

  • Wire transfer to accounts of Sberbank.

  • Paypal (subject to a 7% surcharge)

  • Western Union

 Payment is divided into 2-3 parts.

 Prepayment is 400 USD of the total cost.  The balance is paid by the readiness of the doll before shipment.

All interest on transfers is paid by the buyer.
Shipping is available worldwide, calculated and paid separately.

I want to pay attention for skintones from 4 extra payment of 30 USD

Available faces:

Blank doll 900 USD

​-Ball-joined doll is stringed with elastic cord, hinge joints are glued


-Exclusive box


Cost of a doll with make-up + wig - 1100 USD

Fullset doll-1300 USD

Additional face panel-70 USD

Hands-50 USD

  The order is accepted after filling out the form.